Justice for Elsa Newman and Other Moms

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Letters To The Editor

President Citizens for Fairness and Justice

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"Elsa Newman's case is the most incredible miscarriage of justice I have personally witnessed during my 24 years in the Legislature, and beyond."  

- Former Maryland Delegate Joan Pitkin

In April 2012, the U.S. Department of Justice authorized a report from Dr. Daniel Saunders which laid out how badly the state family court system mishandles the 1000’s of cases like that of Elsa Newman. Brave children who speak out against the abuser and honest moms who seek to protect their children are trashed and even criminalized, like Elsa.

Unfortunately, abusive fathers who perpetrate severe abuse in the name of power and control are amply rewarded. We have seen this in the military but must look closer at the family court system because a reprehensible abuse of processes is rampant and mothers and children suffer in unimaginable ways as a result.

List of Saunders' References: see below

I am part of a group called Citizens for Fairness and Justice which has as its purpose to support Elsa Newman and to speak out for justice in her case.

Many note-worthy individuals are part of the group. Together we  exercise our freedom of expression to seek legal means to expose and correct the systemic failures that led to Elsa’s wrongful conviction and incarceration.

The petition and website contain excerpts from many decent citizens about the severity of the injustice done Elsa and others like her. We post this to free and vindicate Elsa Newman and to educate the public about a problem that affects thousands of American mothers and children.


Elsa Newman was released from prison early in October 2015 after serving the mandated time. We still seek her vindication.

The petition is now closed but you can read it and see names and comments of 1393 signers. With prior petitions thousands of people signed in support of Elsa Newman


Elsa Newman has been wrongfully incarcerated since January 10, 2002.

And still today she is fighting for justice for her children and herself.

Elsa's story

ALERT: Elsa was interviewed by a Baltimore reporter. 
Please CLICK HERE to read what she says about her life in prison and what keeps her inspired.

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