Comments from Elsa's Supporters

"If the criminal justice system does as it is tasked to do, being fair with all the facts, the public and courts will see what truths will unfold concerning her case."

"I appreciate being given the chance to speak for a deserving person."

Prison Case Manager

"Elsa was a studious and committed young lady, no matter what her project was, be it baby sitting, working on a school essay or helping me entertain."

Connie Olin, Neighbor

"Her faith has been a strong support for her in these difficult times.  It works for her because it has been part of her makeup for a long time. This woman whom I have gotten to know is a woman of intellect and human compassion. These traits define her for me." 

Rabbi William Rudolph


The following information comes from the teachers' answers provided at the request of the Montgomery County Court house: 

"___ stood up in Show and Tell and reported that dad hit mom, touches our private parts and steals our toys. Mother works closely with school, volunteers in class and is class rep."

"___ describes father as a bad man. ___ has expressed many concerns about the Saturday visits to father's house and dreads the prospect of visiting dad.


A number of respected professionals concluded that the children were credible.

See for example reports from: 

  • Dr. Michael Lamb (National Institute of Health)

  • Dr. Rosenberg (Johns Hopkins University)

  • Russell Brown (LCSW, D.C. Children's Hospital)

  • Dr. Jill Scharff

Unfortunately neither Child Protective Services nor the courts consulted these experts

"I have reviewed in detail voluminous records of Ms. Newman’s children and their exams and interviews. I found startling and dismaying the investigations of the D.C. Police Dept., Montgomery Co. Police Dept. and Montgomery Co. Child Protective Services agency. This was, in my opinion, abysmally inadequate to address the credible reports of abuse and the number of concerned and believing professionals, most of whom, it must be emphasized, possess far superior clinical credentials. The result of this inadequate work was, in my opinion, catastrophic."

"I would emphasize that I have considerable experience evaluating mothers, including mothers who make false allegations. It is my opinion that Ms. Newman responded to these reports, and to the concerning information she was given by medical and mental health professionals, in a sensible, appropriate way. I am a pediatrician, and I have been deeply involved in interdisciplinary work in the child abuse field since founding the first child abuse consultation unit at Boston Children’s Hospital in 1970."

Dr. Eli H. Newberger, M.D

"I am not a forensic psychiatrist. I was hired as the  treating child psychiatrist. However, by law I had to call Child Protective Services on hearing the children’s reports of abusive behavior at their father’s house. The teachers have told me about hearing similar reports from the children at school. Both children themselves have directly told me of bad things they experienced in relation to their father. They have consistently expressed dread of having to go to his house."

"My impression is that the children are both resilient, bright, sensitive, and trusting. Their mother has a positive view of both her children, loves them very much, and treats them equally. Both are well cared for, well nourished, and well related."  

“I have heard them both express fear of being with their father and fear that he will hurt them and their mother. I hope that a period of supervised visitation will be suggested so as to relieve the strain on the children. They need the dependability of their full-time mother.”

Dr. Jill Scharff, M.D 
Clinical Professor of Psychiatry
Georgetown University Medical School

I was asked twice to take this web site down. I am rejecting both requests which came from the children and their mother. I understand that the children are embarrassed to have their mom in prison and to have their father’s abuse history discussed. However, the children are under the thumb of the abuser.

​Years ago, the father persuaded the court not to let mom talk about her innocence, the case or how he is treating the children. The children see her and talk with her only in the presence of their father who also sees everything she writes them. I discount the mother’s request because she is under pressure from the father who now says she cannot have any contact with the children unless I take the site down.

​If I take it down the only result would be that the truth remains buried. For these children and the tens of thousands like them, the truth will set you free. Children reaching the age of majority can sue their abuser, but many never know since the abuser practically has an unfettered ability to enforce silence.