My friend, Elsa Newman, did not immediately understand that her young children were complaining about sexual abuse during visits to their father. In the course of an unpleasant divorce, she had protective orders against the man, but was unaware that violence against women quite often turns into violence against children.I am hoping and praying and doing everything I can to obtain justice for Elsa Newman (and many others.) These women are caught in secretive webs of concealment that are designed to obscure the true facts of the child abuse, domestic violence, guilt of the abuser andinnocence of the protective parent—here, my friend, Elsa Newman.Just as the abuse of Elsa’s children escalated, the lawyers involved in her divorce case turned the police on her to stick her with a family friend’s crime. The family friend broke into the bedroom where Elsa’s young child lay in bed with his unclothed father. She and the father fought and he was shot in the leg. She was charged with assault

To this day, I cannot explain, even to myself how American justice could have failed my friend. She was convicted of conspiracy for attempted murder even though she was not there, no evidence linked her to the assault and the culprit testified that Elsa was innocent. I was at Elsa’s trials. I watched an ambitious, arrogant prosecutor invent a case with the help of the divorce lawyers.

2011 Battered Mother’s Custody Conference Is Dedicated to Elsa

There are far too many battered mothers who have unjustly lost custody of their children for us to list here, but there is one whom we’d like to spotlight and honor this year....

​Elsa Newman, who currently is incarcerated in a Maryland state prison. Elsa has been in prison for nine years. Her “crime” is familiar to many of you--- she heard her children alleging sexual abuse from their father and she believed them. A review of the children’s disclosures by numerous professionals confirmed that they had made allegations of horrific sexual abuse. A friend of Elsa, with an ill-conceived plan and impulsive disposition, shot Elsa’s ex-husband in the leg in a scuffle in his home. The friend acknowledged breaking into the house and has insisted Elsa had no knowledge of and nothing to do with her ill-conceived plan. The friend is serving time for assault, and breaking and entering. There is no evidence tying Elsa to knowledge of the crime. Elsa, a practicing attorney was, nonetheless, convicted for conspiracy to commit murder, the State’s attorney relying heavily on information supplied by Elsa’s ex.

Elsa Newman's Story

Elsa Newman was released from prison early in October 2015 after serving the mandated time. We still seek her vindication.

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The prosecution was not skeptical that maybe the ex husband had an agenda for supplying them with his version of the facts. Nor did the prosecution care about the evidence of sexual abuse. Elsa, both by her report and in the view of all who know her, had nothing to do with the crime, and was busy at the time making plans for legislative and judicial solutions to the problems we all know about. The father resides in Florida with the two children; Elsa is in a state penitentiary with 11 years of her sentence left to serve.​A group of attendees are asking Maryland’s governor O’Malley for clemency. Help us with prayers and signing the petition. Help free Elsa and all the mothers who have sacrificed so much for the safety of their children.​8th Annual Battered Mother’s Custody ConferenceAlbany, NY